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Our company is located within Changzhou City of Jiangsu Pronvince, adjacent to Wuxi City which is the turbocharger production base in China. We have lots of suppliers in Wuxi and we can get a wide variety of products at low transport costs. Customer requirements on product type, quality, and price can all be satisfied.

The turbocharger has been adopted in many types of vehicles. It overcomes the shortcomings of some naturally aspirated engines and improves the output power by 10% or more without changing the displacement of the engine.

We provide many types of turbo which can match cars of different brands. If you need product of special specifications, please tell us your requirements. Our suppliers can customize products for you.

The turbocharger we supply has the following four advantages.
1. Increase Engine Output
In the case of constant engine displacement, the turbo can make the engine inject more fuel and thus increase the output power by increasing the intake density. The power and torque of the engine equipped with a turbo are increased by 20% to 30%. On the other hand, in case of the same power output, the engine cylinder diameter can be reduced, so the size and weight of the engine are reduced.

2. Improve Engine Emissions
By improving the combustion efficiency of the engine, the turbo reduces the emissions of harmful ingredients, such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, etc., in the engine exhaust gas. It is essential for diesel engines to reach Euro 2 or higher emission standards.

3. Provide Plateau Compensation
In high-altitude regions, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air. Thin air will reduce engine power. However, the engine equipped with turbo can avoid the power reduction caused by thin air.

4. Reduce Fuel Consumption
Since the engine with turbo has better combustion performance, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 3% to 5%.

Turbo Turbo Info Model Year Engine (Manufacture) Power
GT1444S P/N 708847-0002

Aftermarket P/N 708847-5002S

OEM 55191595

Vehicle Alfa Romeo 147 2004 M724.19 (Fiat) 1.9L JTD 8V 103HP@4000rpm
Fiat Doblo
GT1544S P/N 454083-0002

Aftermarket P/N 454083-5002S

OEM 028145701Q

Vehicle Seat Toledo 1997 1Z (VW) 1.9 TDI 88HP@4400rpm
GT1544S P/N 700830-0001

Aftermarket P/N 700830-5001S

OEM 7700107795

Vehicle Renault Espace III 1998 F9Q730 (Renault) 1.9L dTi 88HP
Laguna I
Megane I
GT1544V P/N 740611-5002S

OEM 282012A400

Vehicle Hyundai Getz/ Accent/ Verna 2005 U1.5L D Euro4 (Hyundai) CRDi 110HP@2000rpm
Kia Rio
GTA1544V P/N 753420-5005S

OEM 96631499280

Vehicle Citroen C3/ C4/ C5/ Xsara Picasso 2006 DV6TED4 (PSA) 1.6 Hdi 107HP@4000rpm
Mazda 3
Mini Copper D
Peugeot 206/ 207/ 307
GT1549S P/N 452213-0003

Aftermarket P/N 452213-5003S


Vehicle Ford Otosan Transit 2000 York (OTOSAN) 2.5 134HP@4000rpm
GT1549S P/N 703245-0001

Aftermarket P/N 703245-5001S

REP. 751768-5004S

OEM 7700108052

Vehicle Renault Laguna I Megane I 2000 F9Q (Renault) 1.9L dCi 8V 101HP
GT1646MV P/N 751851-5003S

OEM 03G250314F

Vehicle Seat Leon 2006 BXE (VW) 1.9 TDI BXF (VW) 1.9 TDI (BXF is applied on Golf V and Golf V plus only, power would be 88HP correspondingly ) 88HP
Altea 103HP
Skoda Superb
Golf V
Golf V plus
GT1749V P/N 454231-5007S

OEM 028145702HV500

Vehicle Audi A4/A6 2004 AHH/AFN (VW) 1.9 TDI 109HP@4250rpm
AVB (VW) 1.9 TDI 99HP
GTA1749V P/N 454231-5010S

OEM 038145702L

Vehicle Audi A4/A6 2006 ATJ/AJM (VW) 1.9 TDI AVB (VW) 1.9 TDI 114HP@4000rpm 99HP
Skoda Superb
GTA1749V P/N 717478-0001

Aftermarket P/N 717478-5001S

REP. 750431-5012S

OEM 7787626F

Vehicle BMW 320D E46 2001 M47TUD (BMW) 2.0 147HP@4000rpm
GTA1749V P/N 717858-0005

Aftermarket P/N 717858-5005S

REP. 717858-5009S

OEM 038145702GV500

Vehicle Audi A4/A6 2003 AVF/AWX (VW) 1.9 TDI130 129HP@4000rpm
Skoda Superb
Audi A4/A6 BLB/BPW(VW) 2.0 TDI140 138HP@4000rpm
GTA1749V P/N 717858-0009

Aftermarket P/N 717858-5009S

OEM 038145702N

Vehicle Audi A4/A6 TDI 130 2008 AVF/AWX (VW) 1.9L D 129HP@ 4000rpm
Skoda Superb TDI 130
Audi A4/A6 TDI 140 BLB/BPW (VW) 2.0L D 138HP
GT1749V P/N 721164-0003

Aftermarket P/N 721164-5003S

REP. 801891-5001S

0EM 1720127030A

Vehicle Toyota Estima 2001 021Y 2.0L D 114HP@4000rpm
Previa 1CD-FTV 2.0L D
GTA1749MV P/N 724930-0004

Aftermarket P/N 724930-5004S

REP. 724930-5009S

OEM 03G253019A

Vehicle Audi A3 2003 BKD (VW) 2.0L D TDI 140 138HP@4000rpm
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V/ Touran/ Jetta
Passat BKP (VW) 2.0L D TDI 140
Touran AZV (VW) 2.0L D TDI 130 134HP@4000rpm
GTA1749MV P/N 724930-5008S

REP. 724930-5009S

OEM 03G253014H

REP. 03G253010J

Vehicle Audi A3 2006 BKD/BKP(VW) 2.0L D TDI 140 138HP@4000rpm
VOLKSWAGEN Golf V/Touran/ Jetta/ Passat
Seat Altea/ Leon/ Toledo III BKD/AZV 2.0L D
Skoda Octavia II

GTA1749V P/N 729041-5009S

OEM 2823127900

Vehicle Hyundai Santa Fe 2005 D4EA (Hyundai) 2.0L D CRDi 123HP@4000rpm
GT1749V P/N 750431-5012S

OEM 7794144E03

Vehicle BMW 120D E87 2008 M47TU OL (BMW) 2.0 147HP@4000rpm
320D E46
GT1752S P/N 452204-0001

Aftermarket P/N 452204-5001S

REP. 452204-5005S

OEM 9172123

Vehicle SAAB 9-5 1998 B205E (SAAB) 2.0 147HP@5500rpm
B235E (SAAB) 2.3 168HP@5500rpm

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