As a trusted alternator exporter, our company helps save the time to compare product and examine the strength and credibility of suppliers in the procurement process for you. We are able to provide you with alternators of different grades and specifications. The products we supply can match 15 international brands of vehicles.

Our suppliers are certified by ISO9001 and TS16949. From the raw material purchase to the production completion, each link is supervised by professionals. All testing equipment are imported from Italy or Canada.

Since the product we provide has simple structure and is strong, it can be easily made into high speed, high voltage, high current, high-capacity car generators. Hence, this product is highly praised by foreign customers. Thus far, we have exported such product to the United States, Peru, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and other countries.

We have fixed purchasers in South America and our annual sales volume exceeds 25,000 pieces. We will regularly visit customers to learn the use of the products. If there are any questions, we will help for replacement or compensation.

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