Starter Motor

Our company is able to provide customers with starter motor of different brands and grades, giving customers more choice.

The starter motor is a device which is used to start an engine. An automobile engine converts the fuel energy into the kinetic energy, thereby making the car run. Hence, the quality of the starter is directly related to the running of a car.

The starter we supply is easy to operate. It starts fast with repeat starting capability and it can be remotely controlled. Therefore, it is well received by customers. Thus far, we have exported electric starters to the United States, Argentina, Dubai, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries.

Our company has been engaged in the sales of starters since our establishment. After 6 years of accumulation, we now have 35 suppliers who provide us with high quality starter motors. Our annual sales volume is about 30,000 pieces.

The automobile starter is very popular in the Brazilian market. One Brazilian customer purchased 100 pieces of electric starter from our company in 2010. Until now, they have purchased 500 pieces. This is owing to our high quality products and attentive services.

With six years of experience in foreign trade, we are able to reply timely to your questions and recommend to you the best products.